Nutrition is all about confidence. 

Wait, what?  What does confidence have to do with nutrition? 

I believe that the essential part of any successful nutrition plan (diet or otherwise) is confidence.  It’s not about knowing how much vitamin B12 is in a pork chop or how much cholesterol is in a pat of butter.  It’s about having the confidence in oneself to make educated decisions about food.  What I’ve learned throughout the process of getting my masters in nutrition and becoming a registered dietitian is that it’s about the individual approach to healthy food and motivating each person to make the best food choices they can.  This can differ wildly from the needs of a picky eater to a finicky husband.  There's a term out there called "self-efficacy" and it's really about having the confidence to make behavior changes.  Achieving optimal nutrition health is really about having self-efficacy to make behavior changes.  This can be quite difficult sometimes but I have also learned throughout my studies and in the real world, that change CAN happy.  Those who are struggling DO gain the confidence in themselves to stop drinking soda or to try cooking one night a week.  They learn to identify new fruits and vegetables and more importantly that they taste good!  

My job in this blog is to educate and motivate.  I am here to provide information, offer suggestions, and empower my readers and clients to have the confidence to start a healthy collaboration with themselves.  Let's get started!