Portion Control - Naughty AND Nice This Holiday Season

The parties and dinners and lunches and brunches are piling up and you don't want the pounds to pile up along with them! So, 'tis the season for portion control FA-LA-LA-LA.... No seriously, here’s how you can still enjoy the treats of the season without guilt.

  • Watch the wine

    • It’s extra calories no matter how much you like your pinot or champers. And the typical pour is way more than, probably even double, the recommended amount to drink per day. That’s 5 oz ladies! So learn to recognize how much is too much and try my 1-1-5 rule: 1 party per week, 1 drink at the party, 5 oz pour.

  • Treats

    • Guess what? Extra calories too when you go for the full size candy cane versus the mini. Even small choices like this can add up to less weight gain during the holidays.

    • Pro tip - avoid all candy in the days leading up to Christmas. Not worth it and your waist line will thank you in January.

  • Hors D’Oeuvres

    • Commit to only eating 2 passed hors d’oeuvres at your next cocktail or dinner party. Making a decision before you get to party increases your likelihood of sticking with it. Allow yourself unlimited veggies but avoid the cheese and crackers and anything wrapped in bacon!



2018-12-04 20.37.55.jpg

Wine Comparison

2018-12-04 20.43.58.jpg

Candy Cane Comparison